It has always been a passion to touch the heart through flavorsome cuisine. Bringing a positive continuity to our communities by merging family and friends with love and laugher though the enjoyment of amazing authentic Caribbean music and cuisine.

Dining around a table, on any given day with kindred’s, is a universal language of warm welcoming belongingness. Food is a very important aspect of many traditions and Caribbean Culture. Kalalou opens its doors to all, for a perfect taste and lasting beautiful experiences with loved ones.



Kalalou will capture Caribbean islands all under one roof. Our bold, unctuous cuisine is infused with a multi-diverse Caribbean touch.

Rather you’re from Haiti, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico, Kalalou represents all Caribbean cultures through-out their rich cuisine. Each of the Caribbean islands has a unique and distinct cultural identity.

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Kalalou inspires it all; its rich cuisine culture is what gives the community its lasting influence on individuals who visit the restaurant. Caribbean culture is at the heart of the Kalalou experience.

While many arrive at Kalalou in search of the perfect tasty cuisine, many will leave with an appreciation for everything that the Caribbean culture truly has to offer. If you want to have an unforgettable Caribbean experience take the time to experience the Caribbean culture at Kalalou! We welcome you!

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Mr. Verty and Mr. Metellus partnered to bring their abundant culture and much more delightful Caribbean experiences to you, right here in the heart of lovely, Orlando, Florida.

Born and raised in the most beautiful paradise on earth, positioned in the Caribbean Islands, where the cuisine spices, seasonings, and marinades are really the key to preparing to most delectable dishes, where the authentic flavors of rich cuisine, touches your palate and dance to perfection; yes, to perfection. Landscaped in refreshing beaches, where the Caribbean breeze takes your breath away, skin is kissed by the sun and the music lifts your soul. Beautiful Haiti!

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Sun: 11:00AM – 9:30 PM

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